Marika Seidler


Blown Barns

Marika Seidler har flyttet et monumentalt objektmaleri, der var en del Marika Seidler’s store soloudstilling på Brænderigården i Viborg, til skulpturkirkegården. 


related projects


Exhibited at Kunsthallen Brænderigaarden Viborg 2013.


Exhibited at Kunsthallen Brænderigaarden Viborg 2013.


A panoramic video installation with five projections produced for BRÆNDERIGAARDEN KUNSTHAL and NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL in Copenhagen 2013. 


Five business leaders experience and develop non-verbal communication skills during a staged team building workshop with a flock of horses. The participants have no previous knowledge of horse behavior and work together to lead horses. 


The video installation is based on reallife workshops with the horse as a coach by Anne Kühnell at Hesteriet Kumlegaard in Roskilde, Denmark. 


The flock of horses becomes a metaphor for a real life situation at work. The horse is a flight animal and respond immediately to all actions with their basic instincts deciding between fear or trust.The horses are seen as co-workers and are highly valuable as a mirror of the groups emotional mechanisms as the horses are used to depend on their strong sense of feeling for being able to read a situation and respond to it accordingly in order to survive.