Malwina Agata Migacz


Parst or The Present

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Ungoing performance ved Malwina Migacz, Past or the Present.

Malwina Agata Migacz  
‘’Past or the Present‘’  2014

”The structures of human societies themselves, including even some of the social foundations of the society, are on the point of being destroyed by erosion of what we have inherited from the human past. Our world risks both explosion and implosion. It must change. 
We do not know where we are going. We only know that history has brought us to this point. However, one thing is plain. If humanity is to have a recognizable future, it cannot be by prolonging the past or the present. If we try to build the third millennium on that basis, we shall fail. And the price of failure, that is to say, the alternative to a changed society, is darkness.”