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Radio Rethink

Radio Rethink


Inspired by pirate radio Radio Mercur, who in the late 1950s broke the Danish radio monopoly, The artgroup Jens & Morten, with help from students at Art and Design in Holstebro, set up a pirate radio; Radio Rethink on the international scout camp in Holstebro 2012 with 35,000 participants. Jens & Morten consist of visual artists Jens Ardal and Morten Kromann. The radio was intended to rethink the way we meet to exchange stories. It happened during the day with workshops for children, competitions in radio house and a kind of open microphone where you could come by and send a greeting. The four days of workshops culminated in a parade procession, where all that the participating children had produced, was revealed.
Subsequently, Radio Rethink moved to Skovsnogen, where it has been reinstalled and where Jens & Morten will continue working with the idea of a pirate radio and present it to the public in connection with Skovsnogen exhibition opening on December 16, 2012

Høstfest 2012